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11/04/2022 AM News Break

By Holly Hodges

The Watauga County Board of Education can now achieve their goal to place a school resource officer in every school in the district after receiving a grant from the North Carolina Center for Safer Schools. According to the Watauga Democrat, over the years, the school board has made it a priority to increase the number of SRO’s in Watauga schools. Superintendent Scott Elliot said he was proud of Watauga County Schools staff for working continually to find sources of funding. Elliot said “With the latest grant, each school will now be able to have a full time officer each day.” The grant provides enough funding to cover two-thirds of the cost per officer. The county commissioners fund the difference.

In North Carolina news, a Forsyth County judge sealed a search warrant that Winston-Salem police detectives executed on a former nurse’s house who has been accused of murdering two of his patients and attempting to kill a third. According to the Winston-Salem Journal, A search warrant for Jonathan Hayes’ home was obtained on October 25. Judge Gregory Hayes signed an order on Wednesday to seal it due to concerns from the District Attorney’s office over the integrity of the investigation being jeopardized if the warrant was made public. According to DA Jim O’Neill, Hayes administered a near-lethal dose of insulin to a 63-year-old patient and a lethal dose of insulin to a 60-year-old patient and a 61-year-old patient who died within days. Jonathan Hayes is being held without bond in Forsyth County Jail. His next court date is November 10.

On Wednesday, a federal appellate court said the Miss United States of America pageant has a First Amendment right to exclude a transgender woman from competing. According to the Associated Press, the court said a transgender woman competing could interfere with the pageant’s message stating “what it means to be a girl.” The ruling is in response to a lawsuit filed by Anita Green who said the pageant violated an Oregon state anti-discrimination law when they barred her from competing in 2019. The 9th circuit’s three-judge panel voted 2-1 in favor of the organization. After a lower court sided with the pageant last year, Green said the case raised awareness about discrimination against transgender people within the pageant circuit.

Today’s weather is brought to you by Ray’s Weather Center at Boone-weather-dot-com. Be careful while driving this morning because it’s going to be slightly foggy. This should clear up later this morning, but it’s still going to be mostly cloudy today with possible rain later in the afternoon. Today’s high is 60 degrees and the low is 49.


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