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1/25/22 AM News Break

By: Pruett Norris

90.5 WASU The App FM, good morning Mountaineers, it’s Pruett here, happy and excited to be BACK in studio with you today for your Tuesday morning news break!

Those who tune in to my news breaks know that I love to keep you all up-to-date about what’s up-and-coming from our friends in the Appalachian Popular Programming Society at the I. G. Greer Cinema. However, Mountaineers I am devastated to report that all films shown at I. G. Greer and the Greenbriar Theater, both of our on-campus movie theaters, are on hiatus until further notice due to “Staffing Concerns,” according to the APPS official website. I’ve reached out to a representative from the Programming Society for comment, but while I’m waiting to hear back, I hope my movie-watchin’ ‘Neers out there can find some cool stuff on streaming or at the Boone Regal! I’m sure I’ll see you there.

In county-wide news, I hope you’ll join me in a very special happy birthday as we celebrate one hundred and fifty years of townhood right here in Boone, North Carolina! The Watauga Democrat reports that on January 23rd, 1872, Boone was ratified as a town in Watauga County! The original corporate town limits ran for a mile in all directions from the courthouse, and then amusingly were reduced to a half-mile in February of 1873. I’m not sure what necessitated the shrinking, but I’m sure W. L. Bryan, our first town mayor, would be shocked to see the likes of the corporate might of Blowing Rock Rd. today! Happy birthday to Boone, Happy birthday to Boone, Happy birthday to Boo-oone…. Happy birthday to yoone!

Internationally, tensions are building in Eastern Europe as reports come in regarding the more than 100,000 Russian troops that have massed at the Ukraine border. According to NPR, President Biden is considering sending troops to NATO-allied countries in anticipation of a Russian invasion and has reduced staff levels at the U.S. embassy in Kyiv. While Russia denies any plans of Ukrainian invasion, U.S. allies across Western Europe are keeping a close watch on the situation. We’ll keep you posted here right here on WASU, but in the meantime, a moment for sports!

Alright Mountaineers, Pruett again, wrapping up our Tuesday morning news break with a word on the weather, courtesy as always from Boone Today’s looking like another chilly one, never a surprise here in the High Country, with a high of 42 degrees and a low of 19…stay warm out there, y’all. This concludes our Tuesday morning news break, but I hope you’ll all keep it right here on your college, your station, your music, 90.5 WASU The App FM!

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