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03/08/2023 AM News Break

By Andrew Rice

In local news, Brooks Forsyth will perform at the Appalachian Theatre on Thursday at 7 p.m as part of the theatre’s “Local Night” showcase, occurring all month long. According to the Watauga Democrat , Forsyth is from Valle Crucis, and has performed as a musician in Appalachia and beyond. Forsyth primarily writes in the style of Americana and has been performing around the country as a solo act for the past 16 years. Local artist Will Easter is set to open for Forsyth on Thursday

In state news, the Raleigh Fire Department rescued a vulture stuck on top of a chimney on Tuesday. According to WRAL, a Raleigh firefighter and an animal control officer worked together to rescue the vulture, which had a broken wing. The animal control officer said the vulture had a hard landing and that his wing had been impaled on a pole. Officials said the vulture would be taken to a local emergency veterinarian and could be used for wildlife educational programs.

In national news, California said they will cut ties with Walgreens over the company’s announcement to drop sale of abortion pills in stores. According to NPR, California Governor Gavin Newsom tweeted the announcement on Monday. Last week Walgreens confirmed that it wouldn’t dispense the popular abortion pill mifepristone in certain states after 20 Republican state attorneys general sent letters threatening legal action. Newsom has yet to share any details on the plan, pharmacists in the state say that Walgreens business would be “severely limited” by changes to state insurance plans. Now to sports.

And now for a special weather report powered by!

Today will be slightly cooler than the previous few days with a high of 52 and a low of 29. Conditions are expected to be mostly sunny throughout the day.

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