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02/09/2023 AM News Break

By Reagan Wall

In local news, The annual fundraiser that helps raise awareness for the Colon Cancer Coalition, Runs for Buns, is growing in 2023. Sam Bush, a cancer survivor and bluegrass legend will be performing at the event. Bush will perform in the evening on Friday, March 3rd at the inaugural Not So Gala, Gala. The skiers and snowboarders will head out on Saturday, March 4th. They will raise the funds to defeat and raise awareness for colon cancer. According to the Watauga Democrat, general admission tickets are 45 dollars and VIP tickets are 125 dollars. All proceeds benefit the Colon Cancer Coalition.

In state news, two Raleigh schools went into lock down on Wednesday morning. At 11:16 a.m a code red began at Brentwood Magnet Elementary School. At Southeast Raleigh High School, threats were made early Wednesday morning relating to a fight that happened on Tuesday. The school was in lock down for less than an hour. In Wake County a code red means that all students should be moved to a secure location and all interior doors locked. According to WRAL News, this is nothing compared to the six schools that went into lockdown last Friday.

In national news, a suspect in a mass shooting was killed during a police pursuit in Florida. Alex Greene, a 21 year old man, crashed his car into a business in Winter Haven. A town close to where the mass shooting happened in Lakeland on January 30th. The Police Capt. Eric Harper was driving an unmarked vehicle and tried to stop Greene. Harper did a successful pit maneuver but Greene got out of his car and ran up to a woman packing her car with her doors open and stole the car. According to NBC News, after the crash law enforcement officials attempted to perform CPR on Greene. He was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead later that day.

Today’s weather is brought to you by We have a high today of 57 and a low of 41 with light showers sprinkled throughout the afternoon.


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