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What is Happening to the USPS

The infrastructure of the United States Postal Service is under construction as the 2020 election is ahead. Changes in leadership are expected to bring changes to when receiving mail and packages. Last month, President Trump appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, one of his allies, to replace previous Megan Brennan. 

This transition will lead to many delays in services the American people rely heavily upon. This includes medicine for senior citizens, paychecks, and most importantly, main-in ballots. Trump appointed DeJoy to avoid voter fraud through mail-in ballots, and supposedly DeJoy claims the USPS will see “new revenue”.

The UPS is undeniably in trouble in this situation, especially with the election coming up in November; and how these changes with the USPS have the potential to impact millions of people. Since the pandemic began, similar to many other federal services, the USPS has been facing countless challenges to the loss of workers and the absence of access to post offices in rural areas. 

With the 2020 election slowly launching, this could be worrisome. Mail-in ballots are considered essential mail, yet the USPS could be in danger in the near future; especially when online shopping and no contact delivery are the current means of transportation in terms of social distancing. There is no doubt that the USPS can provide every American with a mail-in ballot, the issue is when, and how the second wave of COVID-19 will play out. 

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