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Tips for Remote/Hybrid Classes

Education is a huge part of daily life and can be a great way to collaborate with others. COVID-19 has truly changed the way we are able to be together, especially while six feet apart from one another. Most forms of education that we recognize are in a classroom. Education as we know it will appear differently for an unknown amount of time. Virtual learning is not a new concept, yet in what ways can we empower our abilities to grasp remote learning in the best way possible? 

Remote learning relies on many things including internet connection, preparedness, and involvement. Combining the online world, education, and self-discipline can be a messy concoction. The typical means in which we receive an education will not be the same for the time being, but as humans, we are known to adapt and overcome. Here are some important things to keep in mind for the upcoming school year:

  1. Communication: Technology has many positive impacts on how we communicate. Thankfully, communicating your needs to teachers, professors, fellow classmates through email, or the preferred source of transmitting information, questions, etc. always is a great source of communication. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know more about the class content, in this case, the effort will never hurt you.

  1. Engagement: Virtual learning is not ideal, especially when it is out of our comfort zone. In this time period, we have to make the most out of the circumstances we are in. What you give in is what you give out; therefore use these online learning opportunities to your maximum benefit. Being present in class and an active participant in the course will only help you in the long run. There is a reciprocation of respect between the professor and the student; keep that in mind and appreciate the opportunities higher education can offer.

  1. Time Management: Preparing ahead of time for a lecture, quiz, exam, etc is always going to help you. Below are a few tips in this area of managing your time, work, and extracurriculars:

A. Planning and preparation are vital, and it doesn’t take just a planner to complete all of your needs. There are different ways that work for everyone. Curating your week and assigning certain gaps in your day for certain tasks can be helpful. Google Calendar is a great resource for creating a weekly schedule and is easy to organize. Here is a link on how to operate Google Calendar.

B. Set reminders. We aren’t perfect, we are human and we all forget things. If writing it down works for you, put it in your planner or on your phone.

C. Check-in with yourself. We are all experiencing these changes simultaneously, and virtual learning can be overwhelming. See what methods work for you and what don’t, this is your experience, and you have the power to enhance your work ethic. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

4. Treat an Online Class as if it Were a Typical Face-to-Face Class: For many forms of instruction, Zoom is not a perfect outlet for some courses. With health and safety in mind, it is the best resource available. Approach and mindset are everything right now. The majority of us have already experienced the classroom environment in some capacity, furthermore, confidence is key.

5. Hold Yourself Accountable: There is so much independence that comes with the college experience. It can be easy to just skip class and take a nap instead, but there are consequences with everything. Cut your losses, be aware of how your actions can impact your grade or academic status. 

6. Space is Everything: Your workspace is extremely important for your performance. Both are indefinitely connected. We all have our designated areas where we feel most comfortable. One thing to keep in mind is to limit distractions in your space. Music can be a great way to get into your studying, and a great way to focus. To eliminate distraction, put your phone somewhere else away from your body and space. With the limited access to be with others, your at-home space is going to be used a lot for a while; make it yours, make it fun, and make it with a great internet connection. 

Finally, take it easy. There is a lot of uncertainty with just about everything right now. The structures that we rely on have been shaken. We are all in this together, and we all have what it takes to conquer the obstacles to come. 

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