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Response to #BlackAtAppState

Black students and alumni of Appalachian State University demand to strengthen the relationship between the university’s inclusion of Black and brown students and faculty. The demands were included in a letter that focused on engaging Black students through the means of better recruitment efforts from the university, well-being & health, and recognition of Black participation at Appalachian State. 

The letter asserts these demands to be executed within the next 36 months, along with a response by July 10th at 5 pm. 

As a result, Chief Diversity Officer, Dr.William Fleming released a statement responding to the demands. The response mentions the importance of recruitment and creating a safe space with these ideas in mind. Fleming then provides a list of professors from various departments who will aid in this transition of recruitment at Appalachian State. This group is also behind the Diversity Hiring ToolKit which is a resource for faculty to ensure a diverse curriculum. 

Consequently, a recent Instagram account, blackatappstate has been actively posting racist instances at Appalachian State from Black students and alumni. They have also released a statement responding to their acknowledgment of their demands. These demands will be mentioned at town hall meetings in Boone in the near future, where Black students and alumni will share their experiences of racism at the institution.  

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