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Back To School

The UNC system has assured students of the plans for the fall semester. Regulations such as masks, social distancing, and hybrid courses are the main measures to follow as the school year is approaching. This week a UNC system-wide petition has resurfaced with demands for a safer educational environment.

The petition requests alterations in three areas: Move courses online due to the number of coronavirus cases in North Carolina alone, better communication and transparency between students and faculty, and protecting the wellbeing of students with protocols such as routine testing, contact tracing, and preserving essential workers. Additionally, the petition is administered by various professors in the UNC system who disagree with the intentions of continuing face-to-face instruction.

Advocacy has served a great purpose during this time period of social distancing. Calling local representatives, signing petitions, protesting has all been forms of creating unique spaces for change as we all transition to heavier online interactions.

Currently, the UNC system plans to welcome students back to campuses across North Carolina throughout August.

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