"The App" Summer Staff Profiles: Philip Lingafelt

Hey y’all!

My name is Philip Lingafelt and I am a Senior Electronic Media/Broadcasting major here at App State. This summer I have greatly enjoyed hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway, playing golf, and reading!

This summer I have been in charge of the WASU website (wasuradio.com) and keeping our listeners up to date with campus news as well as updating the website’s navigation and usability. I am coming on the heels of being Assistant Sports Director this past school year and will be transitioning to Sales Director in the coming weeks.

WASU has played an important role for me in my journey to finding my passions. In being involved on staff here, I have realized my passion for storytelling in a variety of ways. Being live on air is an exhilarating experience. I have relished the excitement of the mic being hot and the opportunity to tell my story and express myself. Generally, I think my dream job is a job that will amplify people’s stories-- I think that’s important.

Lastly! My favorite song on the air right now is Level of Concern by Twenty One Pilots!

Stay safe, friends. Peace + Love to all!


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