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PM News Break 9/16/21

By: Tommy Savoia

A few weeks ago, App State’s own Team Sunergy won first place in the American Solar Challenge. According to The Appalachian, this was a race going from Missouri to New Mexico spanning 964.8 miles. This twenty-year old race favors solar-powered automobiles to test the ingenuity of participants. The victory was thanks to Team Sunergy’s car called Racing On Solar Energy, otherwise known as “ROSE”, driven by four talented drivers who took ROSE to the finish line. You can read more about the details of the race on

In local news, the Hunger and Health Coalition is working alongside First Baptist Church of Boone to provide safe food resources for Boone community members. According to the Watauga Democrat, this partnership will widen the space available for the Coalition’s Mobile Food Assistance program and “reopen” the Baptist Church of Boone’s food pantry - something we had not seen since the start of the pandemic. The pantry will be available from three o’clock PM to six o’clock PM, after which the space will be used to accommodate the Mobile Food Assistance program, the Nutrition Education Hub, and more future resources.

On the national level, the Wall Street Journal reports rising metal costs for manufacturers due to an extremely high demand for “manufactured goods”. In contrast to the $560 per ton rate of September 2019 and 2020, costs are expected to reach $1,940 per ton for September of this year. United States manufacturers will be hard pressed to acquire the same amount of raw metal materials they usually buy, which is not helped by the labor shortage the country is currently facing. Time will tell whether metal prices will remain the same or keep on climbing.

Today’s weather is brought by Expect a Cloudy afternoon with a high of 76 and a low of 59 degrees. Late in the day and at night will bring some light thunder and showers, so if you’re out at night bring an umbrella. For 90.5 WASU, I’m Tommy Savoia.

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