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PM News Break 11/2/21

By: Clyde Cohen

In local news, The Blowing Rocket reports that the High Country has implemented a Hemlock Restoration Initiative in an effort to preserve hemlock trees that are facing harm in mass quantities. The hemlock wooly adelgid, a small pest that feeds on the sap of the trees, has been spreading through the area, killing a dangerously high amount of hemlocks. As these trees are important to the High Country’s ecosystem, this is a problem of high concern.

In national news, The Wall Street Journal reports that the supreme court has recently been questioning the Texas abortion law. The law went into effect two months ago, banning abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy. A protest was held outside of the Supreme Court on Monday.

In world news, The Wall Street Journal reports that marine crews working on cargo ships are now able to receive vaccinations. As vaccines initially were supplied to domestic populations, many seafarers have not been able to disembark from their ships for multiple months, until now.

Today’s weather update is brought to you by Expect a high of 52 with a low of 32, with mostly cloudy skies and slight wind.

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