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PM News Break 11/10/21

By: Stephen Leverton

Voiced by: Zachary Masters

In local news, The Appalachian reports that two App State faculty members hosted a town hall on October 27th to discuss the overcrowding problems Boone has been facing as the university seeks to increase enrollment. Community members were encouraged to attend. Students and faculty members voiced their concerns as well, stating that education at App State may be degrading due to the increase in enrollment. Some are hoping that this is the first of many meetings to address the overcrowding issue in Boone.

In state news, CBS17 reports that North Carolina will receive billions of dollars as part of President Biden’s infrastructure bill that passed on Friday. The bill will give North Carolina money to update and install highways, bridges, public transportation, electric car pumps, and broadband access. One of the first major projects is set to be a transit system in Wake County.

In national news, The New York Times reports that the US started allowing vaccinated foreign travelers into the country on Monday. Travelers are allowed into the US if they’re fully vaccinated and if they have shown a negative COVID test 3 days before traveling. Unvaccinated Americans and anyone under 18 are exempted from this rule and instead have to get tested 24 hours before returning home. US tourism is expected to heavily increase as the holiday season comes around.

Your Boone weather is brought to you by Wednesday’s weather is expected to have some overcast, with clouds starting to roll in this afternoon. High today is 67 degrees, and the low is 42 degrees.

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