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News Break 9/2/21

By: Tommy Savoia

According to The Appalachian, AppalCart made some temporary changes this week regarding its bus routes. Due to a shortage of staff on hand, various changes to buses Gray, Green 3, Orange 2, Pink 2, Pop 105, and Purple 3 will be in effect until Friday, September 3. If you regularly take any of these routes, feel free to visit to find all the changes in full detail. In the meantime, Appalcart transportation director Craig Hughs assures the community that new drivers are currently undergoing training so that things may go back to normal.

From around the local community, the Watauga Democrat reminds us that September 3 marks the return of live shows at The Appalachian Theatre of the High Country - something that has been off the table since March of 2020. Folk-Rock musician Roger McGuinn will be resuming the shows he had been planning for almost two years. McGuinn, who was of The Byrds of 1973 but currently travels solo, will be performing live this Friday, September 3 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM at The Appalachian Theatre located on 559 West King Street. For more information visit

In national news, The Wall Street Journal reports that the United States Federal Trade Commission is getting involved in the ever-consistent McDonald’s Ice Cream machine phenomena. Notorious for constantly being “out of order”, these dessert machines reportedly provide “60% [of McDonald’s] dessert sales” in the United States. Currently, the unrequited demand of the chain’s frozen treat has reached federal levels of attention, prompting the FTC to investigate the cause of this perceived nation-wide ice-cream deficit. As of now we have no definitive statement from the FTC as they continue to look into this case.

For today’s weather, Ray’s Weather Center describes a fairly comfortable Thursday. After a brief period of morning fog, we’ll be looking at a sunny afternoon, with a high of 73 degrees and a low of 49 degrees. Be prepared for some winds during the day capping at 15 miles per hour. Otherwise enjoy the fresh air, folks.

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