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News Break 9/1/21

By: Pruett Norris

Let’s kick things off right here on campus. For all my arts-n-culture lovin’ listeners out there, the I. G. Greer Cinema is back up and running, courtesy of our friends at the Appalachian Popular Programming Society. This week’s showing is Minari, the Best Picture-nominated family drama starring Academy Award nominee Steven Yuen and Academy Award winner Youn Yuh-jung. The film chronicles a Korean-American family’s struggles trying to bring their version of the American Dream to life in 1980s rural Arkansas. It’s funny, captivating, and heartbreaking. Trust me, farming’s never been more riveting. Minari is playing September 2nd through the 4th at 7 and 9:30pm, admission is $2 at the door. You should all go check it out!

Next, some local Boone news. We Mountaineers are all big fans of the Belk Library, but did you know that Boone is also home to its very own public library? According to the Watauga Democrat, the Appalachian Regional Library located at 140 Queen Street has just been awarded a grant for $25,000 dollars! That money will be used to purchase a new camera and speaker system for the Library’s conference room, two new printers, a copier, and a fax, as well as four laptops that are available for public use with a library card. If any of you Boone residents have been on the hunt for a good book, why not take a stroll up Queen Street and check the ARL out?

On the national level, a word about national programming. Following long-time host Alex Trebek’s passing last Fall, the popular trivia game show Jeopardy! has been on the hunt for a replacement. According to NPR, they’d found one...and then fired him! Mike Richards, a former executive producer for Jeopardy, was released from his role as the new host following The Ringer’s discovery of controversial commentary he’d made in a previous job as a podcast host. Who will the next host be? We don’t know yet, but I’ll take “Pick One Soon!” for $200 please, Alex.

Finally, from Boone Weather DOT COM, the weather forecast for the rest of this week. After some heavy rainfall courtesy of Tropical Depression Ida, this weekend is looking beautiful just in time for Labor Day, with sunny, sunny skies and highs of 76 degrees through this Saturday.

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