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JJ Watt Sees Dollar Signs. Signs with Cardinals

JJ Watt is off the market less than 3 weeks after he released a statement that said he and the Texans agreed to part ways. Many people believed he would team up with his brothers in Pittsburgh or head home to Wisconsin and join Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. In Watts’s statement he released on Twitter, he stated that he wanted to win a championship which lead many people to believe he would sign with a championship contender.

Many people feel as though he signed more for the money than anything else. He signed a 2-year contract worth 30 million dollars and 21 of it will be guaranteed. Watt will rejoin his former teammate DeAndre Hopkins and become the key leader on a very promising defense. Watt will join 2nd-year utility man Isaiah Simmons on defense along with Budda Baker, and Patrick Peterson.

Since 2012, JJ Watt has the second-most sacks in the NFL with 95.5, the leader? Now, teammate, Chandler Jones who has 97. Although Watts’s signing caught many people off guard, his signing just might end up resulting in the Cardinals competing for an NFC title.


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