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Chemical Spill in Compton on Top of Wildfires

By Eris Lowdermilk

A chemical spill in Compton has caused many complaints from residents. Gas-like odors have filled the air in Los Angeles and Orange County in California. Citations were allegedly issued to Bridge Point Gardena Land and contractors ORFS INC by South Coast Air Quality Management District on Friday, Sept 11. 

The wildfires do not aid the citation whatsoever with the air quality. While the contractors were working on-site, the employees noticed a certain smell and realized about two gallons of residual fuel emitted from a small hole. 

The contractors at ORFS INC. have since apologized for the incident and plan to rid of the odor ‘as soon as possible’. On the other hand, Bridge Point Gardena Land has not yet responded as of now. 

The citations can result in a lawsuit or civil punishments if a settlement is not made. 

Barboza, Tony. (2020, September 12). Chemical spill in Compton area spurs hundreds of complaints of lingering gas-like odors. Los Angeles Times.

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