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Changes at App State Dining Halls

Despite college looking different for all students right now, a question among many is how to safely navigate the dining halls. A lot of things will look different on campus, and unfortunately,  dining halls are examples of areas where contracting COVID-19 is considered high risk.

Some changes to the dining halls will first be the obvious six-foot distance between tables spread throughout both Trivette and Roess. Areas such as the salad bar and self-serving areas are restricted to restrict contact with one another. To replace self-serving staff will be serving food such as salads where it’ll essentially be built by the staff. Meals throughout the day will be displayed to create an accessible experience.

App State is also partnering with GrubHub to make the dining experience easier where you can order from the mobile app and receive a text message when the food is ready. There are also four food trucks on Sanford Mall that represent the local food scene of Boone and is a great opportunity to support local businesses in this time period and eat a delicious meal on campus. 

To ensure safety there are hand sanitizer stations at the entrances and signage on the floor to follow to enforce social distancing while waiting for food. 

The differences with the dining experience are in place to protect everyone while still enjoying the simple things that this pandemic has somewhat restricted--eating a delicious meal with friends.


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