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CDC Extends Date for Cruise Ships to Operate in the US

By: Eris Lowdermilk

The CDC has extended the date to allow cruise ships to sail on U.S. waters until Oct. 31. The order began in March once COVID outbreaks began on various cruise ships. 

The agency reported that there have been at least 3,689 confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 on cruise ships in the U.S. since March 1, and at least 41 people have died. The CDC said that the data shows that the virus can spread easily and quickly throughout a ship, even when the crew members are the only people on board.

The Cruise Lines International Association said it is currently producing new health & safety guidelines, which includes mandatory COVID-19 testing for all of the crew members & passengers, upgrading & enhancing all the ventilation systems, masks are mandatory, and updated protocols for shore excursions. 

Galluccio, Bill. (2020, October 1). CDC Extends 'No Sail' Order On Cruise Ships Until November. iHeart Radio.

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