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AM News Break 10/29/21

By: Elena Vegso

In local news, the Watauga democrat reports that Peaks Farm in Ashe county has won the National Christmas Tree Association Contest, a contest that determines the christmas tree on display in the white house blue room. This year's selection is a 30 year old 19 foot tall fraser fir, and is now the 8th White House Christmas tree to come from Ashe County.

In national news, the families of the nine victims killed in the 2015 Charleston shooting have reached a settlement with the United States Justice Department for $88 Million. Attorney Bakari Sellers says that the number 88 carries purposeful symbolism, as it is a number closely associated with white supremacy, and is equal to the amount of bullets the shooter brought with him to the attack. Seller says quote: “we’re giving a big F you to white supremacy and racism.” (AP)

In world news, the BBC reports China has imposed more restrictions on super high rise skyscrapers. The new rule states that cities with a population under 3 million cannot build higher than 150 meters tall. Cities with more than 3 million people are restricted to under 250 meters. China is home to some of the tallest buildings in the world, including Shanghai Tower. However many argue these super high rises are projects of vanity rather than projects of functionality.

Today's weather is brought to you by Today will be mostly cloudy with some scattered showers in the afternoon. Expect a high of 54 and a low of 42.

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