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AM News Break 10/26/21

By: Zachary Masters

In state news, an anonymous donor gave around 200-million dollars to Catawba College. This also sets the record as the largest donation the school has received in its 175 years of education. Catawba College President, David Nelson, stated: “This extraordinary gift is an affirmation of the quality of education at Catawba College” According to The Charlotte Observer, over a third of the school’s funding is set to pay for environment and sustainability undergraduate programs, while the rest is set to allow for school sponsored strategic initiatives, student scholarships and programing.

Nationally, Amazon warehouse workers in New York City hope to become a fully recognized union after collecting over 2,000 signatures. According to NPR, the grassroots organization, Amazon Labor Union, is fighting to give Amazon employees medical leave options, better wages, and overall better working conditions within these distribution centers. The leader of the hopeful union, Chris Smalls, previously led a mass walkout to try to improve working conditions, but was fired from the company shortly after organizing the strike. The Staten Island based organization is aiming to elect a new official after it drops off the signatures at the local union office Monday afternoon.

Today’s weather comes from Be sure to bundle up, as the high is expected to barely reach the 50 degree mark with lows settling around 36 degrees. Brace yourself for some strong winds, with some ranging anywhere from 15 mph all the way up to 50 mph throughout the day.

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