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AM News Break 10/25/21

By: Holly Hodges

In campus news, University Housing received a report of a phone camera in the third floor bathroom of Eggers Residential Hall. According to The Appalachian, App. State Police were notified immediately upon discovering the camera. The investigation is ongoing. According to Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Communications Officer Megan Hayes, as of October 16, the ventilation system in the building has been inspected and safety measures have been implemented to prevent another event from occuring. If you have any information on this situation, please contact App. State Police.

After months of complaints being filed, the Watauga County attorney has issued a citation to the Cottages of Boone demanding the removal of trash that has overflowed multiple on site dumpsters. According to the Watauga Democrat, the first complaint was issued on August 23 stating that dumpsters hadn’t been emptied since July 20. Anthony DiSanti issued the citation notice on October 15 that was served to the property manager in person and mailed to corporate offices of the Cottages. The Cottages of Boone have until October 29 to correct this issue. If cleanup isn’t up to the standards of the inspector, the Cottages will be fined 100 dollars per day until the property is in full compliance.

According to the Associated Press, Maggie Goll says she raised concerns in the past about the assistant director who handed Alec Baldwin a loaded gun on set of “Rust.” Goll says she filed a complaint in 2019 over concerns about David Halls’ behavior on the set of a Hulu series. In an email Sunday, Goll says Halls ignored safety protocols for weapons and pyrotechnics. She says that on the set of “Into the Dark,” Halls didn’t hold safety meetings and repeatedly failed to announce the presence of a firearm on set to crew members. She says that to her knowledge, nothing was done to correct his behavior.

Today’s weather is brought to you by Today, you can expect to see some partly cloudy skies with a chance for rain later in the afternoon and evening. Today’s high will be 63 degrees and the low is 43 degrees.

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