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Afternoon News Update, 4/6/21

By Jackie Park

In campus news, Bailey Gardin and DJ Evans will be next year’s student body president and vice president. The Appalachian reported that Gardin and Evans earned 64.03% of the total vote, or 910 of the 1,421 people who voted. Gardin and Evans ran against Adam Zebzda and Jenn Banh. Zebzda and Banh said they’re sad about the results but looking forward to the Gardin.Evans administration.

In state news, three Republicans presented legislation in the North Carolina General Assembly that would prevent doctors from performing gender reassignment surgery on transgender people who are younger than 21. WFAE reported that the proposed legislation would likely not become law, despite a Republican-controlled House and Senate.

In national news, a medical team in New York City says it has performed the first complete windpipe transplant surgery. NPR reported that a woman from the Bronx had a bad asthma attack years ago and was intubated, but the fix went on too long and damaged her trachea. It will take several months of recovery to know if the 18-hour surgery was successful. But, the recipient’s body is already taking to the transplant well.

Now, here is your report. Today we’ll see a high of 70, a low of 43, and sunshine.

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