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Afternoon News Update, 4/5/21

By Zachary Masters

On campus, Appalachian State opened graduation registration and released additional details for any eligible graduates Thursday afternoon. According to The Appalachian, graduates are allowed up to two guests to accompany them to the ceremony which is scheduled to take place at the Holmes Convocation Center from May 7th through May 12th. There will be a total of 15 graduation times, each lasting anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. Even though students are excited about the return to a somewhat normal graduation, many are still coming to terms with the continuing covid precautions. Alexis Cabra, a senior building science major, confirmed this sentiment. “I hate that they are only giving us two tickets, I’m now in a tough spot deciding which two people to pick.”

In local news, The Appalachian reports a local nonprofit is aiming to implement multi-modal paths around Boone. These paths would allow residents and students to use safe and inclusive ways of travel without the use of a vehicle. Dubbed the East Boone Connector, the nonprofit organization Harmony Lanes plans for the $9 million project to run along Bamboo Road form US 421 to the Wilson Ridge Road intersection. The paths are expected to be 10 feet wide and protect potential bikers and pedestrians from roadways with a 3-foot patch of grass alongside the new walking and biking lanes.

Nationally, states are stepping in to stop colleges from withholding transcripts for unpaid bills for college graduates. NPR reports over 6.6 million students are not able to obtain their transcripts from public and private universities and colleges for having unpaid bills as low as $25 or less. With degrees requiring transcripts to be made available to officially receive the degree in question, withholding transcripts blocks any graduates from completing their education any begin working to pay off any student loans they have accumulated throughout their education. Gabriel Toro, an aspiring graduate of the University of Massachusetts Boston stated, “I need my transcript to be able to work in order to continue my education and be able to pay off those debts. That's why we're there. That's why we have gone to school." States such as California and Washington State have passed or are currently considering laws to prevent universities from blocking students who owe money from obtaining their transcripts.

This afternoon’s weather comes from Be sure to enjoy some warmer weather today, as the there is an expected high of 66 degrees and a low of 44 degrees with winds reaching 5-15 miles per hour. Expect clear skies with occasional clouds throughout the day.

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