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Afternoon News Update, 2/15/21

By Zachary Masters

On campus, Chris Osmond, a professor of the Department of Leadership and Education Studies has created a web series that will teach both students and faculty how to combat the difficulties of pandemic fatigue. The Appalachian reports the series called “Lunch and Learns” utilizes caring professionals, such as current teachers, nurses, social workers, counselors, and other associated professionals, to open a dialogue about how to best combat these issues with students aspiring to enter these fields.

In local news, NBA Legend Michael Jordan donated $10 million to Novant Health in an effort to open up two new medical facilities in New Hanover County. According to CBS17, the new facilities will bring comprehensive primary care, including behavioral health and social support services, to Wilmington’s most vulnerable communities that are in desperate need of affordable health care. The facilities are expected to be operational in the early months of 2022.

Nationally, the New York Times reports that around 2 million people have lost power to their homes and businesses because of the winter storm that blanketed much of the United States in snow and ice. Currently, around 1/3 of Americans are under some form of a winter storm advisory. In an effort to curb the load on local power grids, outages were intentionally created due to several generators being knocked offline from the harsh weather conditions. These outages are expected to last at least for another 24 hours and may take longer depending on the conditions for utility workers.


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