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2/24/22 PM News Break

By: Devin Stewart

Locally, The Watauga Democrat reports three men from New York are in custody at Watauga County Jail after attempting to obtain property by false pretenses. Boone Police officers were called to the Verizon store on Highway 421 Sunday for a report of two people using stolen credit card information in an attempt to purchase cell phones. Courtney Lawerence of Rochester, New York and Xavier Alecia of Far Rockaway, New York were detained on scene. A third suspect, Matthew Pitt of Far Rockaway, New York, fled the scene and was located later. Lawrence and Alecia were charged with two counts each of felony Obtaining Property by False Pretenses. Pitt was charged with one count of an attempt to Obtain Property by False Pretenses. Upon searching the vehicle the suspects were driving, investigators found several new cell phones that are believed to have been purchased using stolen credit card information.

Around the state, WRAL reports a driver is dead after a car collided with a train passing through Davidson County Saturday night. The crash happened in Thomasville, which is about 30 minutes southeast of Winston-Salem. A Ford Focus was traveling south on Turner Street and turned right at a railroad crossing. The vehicle was struck by the Amtrak train traveling between 65 and 70 miles per hour. The car was blocking the tracks, however, it is unknown whether the crash happened as the car crossed the tracks or if the car stopped. Amtrak said 57 passengers were on board at the time of the crash. No one on board the train was injured.

Nationally, NPR reports New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced Sunday that drastic drops in COVID-19 cases could lead to the lifting of vaccine mandates on restaurants, bars, and theaters as soon as March 7. Adams also said they could lift the mask mandate in the country’s largest school system. That decision won’t come until Friday, after a full week of classes after students return from a weeklong break. If trends continue, Adams also mentioned he would lift other measures, including proof of vaccination requirements at restaurants, bars, and other public indoor places. This all comes after the CDC announced last week that most Americans can take a break from wearing masks, including students in school.

This afternoon’s weather report is brought to you by Boone Weather dot com. The beautiful early spring weather continues across the high country. Expect mostly to partly clear skies for your Thursday afternoon with high temperatures around 62 degrees. Overnight, temperatures will fall back to 36 degrees.

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