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2/21/22 AM News Break

By: Zachary Masters

In local news, the conflict along the Ukrainian and Russian border is affecting one App State professor and his family on a more personal level. According to The Watauga Democrat Andrew Polonsky, an assistant professor in the computer science department at App State, and his family are growing increasingly concerned for the safety of his wife’s family who live in a small town only 30 miles from the Russian border. Polonsky and his family said they feel like the people of the Ukraine have lived with this tension for many years, and have been able to adjust to the stress. However, there still remains the feeling of living under the “barrel of a gun” as tensions continue to rise in the region.

In state news, a sad story comes from Charlotte, as a pillar of the community was lost helping a recently resettled Afghan mother. According to The Charlotte Observer Enedina “Dina” Fernandez, a longtime psychiatric nurse, was hit in a drunk driving incident while crossing an Eastern Charlotte street to pick up Nabil Rasoul’s 5 year old son from school. Fernandez was known as a humanitarian and advocate for her community through her service to support change in areas of racial justice, women’s rights and immigration. Fernandez’s family hopes to honor her memory by encouraging others to support the Rasoul family on their gofundme page or by donating to the local Catholic resettlement refugee programs.

In national news, NPR reports that one Arizona Bill is creating controversy between state committee Republicans and the banking industry. The bill in question would make companies working with the state or local governments to confirm they won't refuse business from firearms-related companies. GOP lawmakers state the bill protects the Second Amendment by assuring business remains open to gun manufacturers, while opponents of the bill call this a case of government overreach, stating it forces them to work with companies against their will. The bill passed through the state committee along party lines and is currently being reviewed.

Today's weather comes to you from Today, expect a high of 55 degrees and a low of 43 degrees. Expect mostly sunny skies with some potential showers later in the evening, as winds range from 5-15 mph.

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