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12/01/2022 PM News Break

By Jenna Guzman

In local news, Elk Knob State Park and Grandfather Mountain State Park are among a handful of North Carolina state parks that will be given additional funding for capital improvement projects and land acquisitions. According to the Watauga Democrat, the North Carolina Parks and Recreation Authority, which oversees the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund recently approved $17.4 million to fund these projects. Elk Knob state park will receive $858,500 for its land acquisition project. Elk Knob will also receive $3,400,000 for its capital improvement project. Grandfather mountain will receive $693,488 for its capital project.

In state news, Charlotte Mecklenburg County has surpassed the amount of homicides in the area from last year. According to WBTV, the county has had 101 victims in 2022, with 4 happening in just this past week. This compares to 2021’s total of 87 homicides at this point in the year, and to last year’s total of the year at 98.

In national news, the food delivery company DoorDash is eliminating around 1,250 jobs. According to NPR, DoorDash hired too many employees during COVID-19, a time in which food delivery was in demand, and now they must let them go. All employees affected by this will receive the following:

  • 17 weeks of compensation.

  • Their February 2023 stock vest.

  • And their health benefits until March 31, 2023

Today’s weather is courtesy of Today is a mostly clear but chilly day with a high of 43 degrees and a low of 22. Thank you for listening to this afternoon news break, and all of the other news breaks I’ve been featured in this semester.

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