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12/01/2022 AM News Break

By Reagan Wall

In local news, a Boone Police officer received the Dogwood Award from the Attorney General. Every year Attorney General, Josh Stein, awards North Carolinians who strive to make their communities better. Candace Burlingame, Boone police Sgt. received the award along with six other Western North Carolinians. According to the Watauga Democrat, Boone Police Chief Andy Le Beau is glad to have strong women leading the Boone Police Department’s criminal investigations division.

In state news, new NC arson laws and domestic protection will begin today. Large scale thefts and certain types of arson will be getting harsher punishment. This legislation will create new felony crimes for setting fire to a prison, occupied commercial structures and unoccupied commercial structures. Someone who commits arson will face a felony if a first responder suffers an injury from the fire. According to WRAL News, one of the new laws will now give Wildlife Resource Commissions Officers the ability to accuse someone of a misdemeanor if they do not adhere to the rules created by the commission.

In national news, Spotify has released Spotify Wrapped for all of its paying users. Spotify Wrapped collects data from each user to create a visual representation of that subscriber's favorite songs and music and a playlist featuring them. This year's top streamed artist on the platform was Bad Bunny with Taylor Swift and Drake coming in behind him. Some social media users are saying this year is the most accurate and some users are embarrassed that Spotify is showing their top picks. According to NBC News, #spotifywrapped was already trending on Twitter early Wednesday morning.

Today's weather is brought to you by Today will be mostly clear and rather cold with a high of 45 and a low of 23.

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