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1/28/22 AM News Break

By: Elena Vegso

In local news, The Appalachian reports that the Town of Boone is eight years ahead of its 2030 renewable energy goal. As of February, Boone’s municipal operations will be 100% run by renewable energy. A funding allotment of 60 thousand dollars for the project will make Boone the first municipality in North Carolina to achieve their 100% renewable energy goal.

In state news, Greensboro North Carolina has been chosen for the flagship factory of Boom supersonic jets. The president of Boom announced Wednesday that the company will employ more than 2400 people by 2032, with salaries averaging around 68,000 dollars. Boom’s planned Overture Jet can travel at twice the speed of today’s fastest planes, and claims to run on 100% sustainable aviation fuels. The News and Observer reports that the company says it will plan to start flying passengers by 2029.

In national news, NPR reports that a conservationist group has finalized the transaction of returning ownership of a California Redwood Forest back to a coalition of Native Tribes. The land was purchased for 3 and a half million dollars by the Save the Redwood League, and was fully funded by a gas and electrical company that supports conservation efforts in order to mitigate their role in the California Wildfires. The league donated the land to The InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council, whose focus is on environmental and cultural preservation. The forests’ traditional Sinkyone name has finally been officially restored to the land.

Today's weather is brought to you by It’ll be cloudy today with a low of 11 and a high of 38. Expect snow to start developing around noon increasing in the evening and at night. It will be windy throughout the day but gusts of wind could get up to 50 mph later tonight.

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