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1/27/22 AM News Break

By: Tommy Savoia

It looks like App State’s own Walker College of Business is getting major notoriety, specifically by The Princeton Review, which has included it in its recent honor list “The Best Business Schools 2022”. This list includes 241 colleges around the United States that are noted for having the top Master of Business Administration degree programs in the nation. App State’s website quotes The Princeton Review’s editor-in-chief Rob Franek stating that all schools named in the list are recognized as having “outstanding MBA programs” that boast “stellar academics” and “robust experimental components”.

Some disappointing news for fans of The Peddler Steakhouse: Watauga Democrat reports that it will be going through some heavy renovations and thus will be closed for the next few weeks. Stating that it “start[ed] to look dated” and heard “complaint[s]” about the restaurant’s “atmosphere”, Peddler Steakhouse’s owner Tristan Muehleib felt that it was time to give it a look that “won’t be outdated within the next 10 years”. He states that construction began on January 4 and all will hopefully be finished by Valentine’s Day. However, he notes that it could still be later than that.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the popular music streaming service Spotify has officially removed Neil Young’s music from its platform as of yesterday, January 26. Stating that The Joe Rogan Show is responsible for “spreading fake information regarding Covid-19 vaccines”, Young gave his record label Warner Music an ultimatum of keeping either his music or Rogan’s podcast on Spotify. Warner Media then requested the streaming platform to remove Young’s music - a decision on Warner Media’s behalf that Spotify states they “regret” but are in hopes that he will return to the platform “soon”. No comments have been made by Rogan upon request.

Today’s weather is brought to us by This Thursday you can expect more cold temperatures - ranging from 41 all the way down to 26 degrees. The skies should be clear in the morning but clouds will start to scatter about during the afternoon.


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