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PM News Break 10/28/21

By: Tommy Savoia

In campus news, October 16th saw the Boonechella event at the Ransom bar host sixteen bands over the course of ten hours. As The Appalachian reports, “student-made bands” have become more prominent since last year and the latest turnout at Boonchella was proof of that. The bands featured were Full Metal Sweater, Scarecrow Society, One Arm Jefferson, Jacuzzi, Motel Pink, Charm, The Coyotes, Cherry Etiquette, Caffeine Daydream, Ovary-Z, Joseph Gallo, Rugg, Elora Dash, Cloutchaser, Bigfoot, and The Dune Sea. Pictures documenting the shows can be found on The Appalachian Online dot com.

In local news, the Boone community’s Salvation Army is looking for more volunteers to assist their efforts moving into the holidays. The Watauga Democrat reports that as the days get colder and conditions remain the same, more people in the community will be in need of donations and services. Primarily, the Salvation Army would like more bell-ringers to station in key locations and collect donations, says Boone Service Center director Stacie Healy. The Salvation Army hopes to get as many people as they can to help out, shown by their slogan for the 2021 Holiday Season: “Hope Marches On”.

In national news, The Wall Street Journal states that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is looking into an issue involving the social media giant Facebook Inc. They are currently investigating documents under the ownership of Facebook that may suggest that the company breached a settlement from 2019 regarding “privacy concerns''. A fine of five billion dollars was arranged against Facebook by the FTC, but it seems that the company may be in hot water yet again. While the FTC has made no comment on the matter to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook has said that they are willing to answer any questions from investigators during their research.

Today’s weather is from This Thursday will definitely remain on the cold side, with a high of 51 and a low of 46 degrees. Clouds will stick around for the rest of the afternoon and rain will pick up as the day moves on. Winds will be on the horizon too, so bring a jacket.

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