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May 2020 Luke Combs Concert Rescheduled

Updated: Apr 9

Luke Combs announced via Instagram on Wednesday that his May 2 concert at The Rock is officially rescheduled for May 1, 2021 due to increasing COVID-19 reports.

Along with posting the changed concert date on his Instagram story, Combs posted the same picture on his account with an apology that included, "This was going to be a dream come true and still will be one year later."

The rescheduled concert joins Combs' other "What You See is What You Get" tour dates originally scheduled for April, which are now rescheduled for dates in September through November.

According to App State Athletics, per Live Nation, ticket holders will still have their tickets honored for the rescheduled date. For any further inquiries, ticket holders are asked to contact the original point of purchase.