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Biden & Trump Visit NC This Week

By: Eris Lowdermilk

The Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden visits Charlotte, North Carolina this week. On Wednesday, Sept 23 he visited a Black economic Summit, where he spoke with Black business owners, educators, and employees. 

At the summit, Biden highlighted some of his plans, including the Build Back Better plan, which invests $70 billion towards HBCU’s and $150 billion to support smaller Black-owned businesses. 

As Biden is aware of the pandemic, he mentioned his plan of expanding the Affordable Care Act. 

Trump will also be in North Carolina this week. Sept 24, he was in Fayetteville for a rally where he mentions filling the seat of the recently passed, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. His list to fill the seat includes Allison Eid, Barbara Lagoa, Joan Larsen, Martha Pacold, Sarah Pitlyk, Margaret Ryan, Diane Sykes, and Kate Todd.

North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis was alongside Trump during the rally and openly supports Trump for the 2020 election in November. 

A portion of Biden’s speech: 

I will be a Commander in Chief who always lives up to our most sacred obligation to protect our men and women in uniform, and honors the sacrifice they and their families make. I will bring people together to expand access to health care for working families in North Carolina, tackle this pandemic, and build our economy back better."

(2020, September 23). Joe Biden meets with Black business owners to discuss rebuilding US economy during first NC campaign stop since nomination. ABC11.

(2020, September 24). 'We're going to fill the seat': President Trump tells Fayetteville crowd Supreme Court nominee will be a woman. ABC11.

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