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AM News Break 11/9/21

By: Zachary Masters

In campus news, The Appalachian reports that two App State alumni have returned to the High Country to open up their very own aquarium shop. Jacob Hudson and Noah Privott, graduates of the class of 2018, decided to take ownership of Reef Magic after working in corporate jobs for a short period of time. After deciding corporate life wasn't for them, the two decided to jump at that opportunity to buy the store, which has been in operation since 1992, from the previous owners. Reef Magic is currently undergoing renovations, but the store still remains open to the public’s fish and aquarium needs and is hoping to have remodeling complete by next year.

In local news, Boone PD arrested a man for arson after starting a fire outside of the Boone ABC store on Blowing Rock Road. Police arrived at the establishment after reports of smoke were seen on the side of the building. After entering the parking lot, cardboard containers were found stacked ontop of each other and set on fire, causing burn marks on the side of the store. The Watauga Democrat reports that Jessie Clyde Bare, a resident of Lenoir, was named as the lead suspect and was later charged with arson after questioning. Bare is currently held with a $35,000 bail and has a court date set for December 19th.

In national news, the Biden administration is encouraging local school districts to host vaccination clinics for children aged 5-11. This comes after the recent approval by the FDA for young children to receive the Pfizer Covid-19 shot. President Biden plans to make rounds at local schools across the country to help promote the new round of vaccinations. The Associated Press reports that Biden also has made it clear that any school willing to help vaccinate children will have access to Federal funding to help pay for the new initiative.

Today’s weather comes to you from Expect a pleasant 69 degree high with a pretty chilly low of 42 degrees. Winds are expected to start fairly calm but become blustery as we go into the evening.


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