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AM News Break 11/2/21

By: Zachary Masters

In state news, nearly $250-million dollars are being raised to bring racial equity to the Charlotte area through a community wide private-public partnership campaign. During an event held at Johnson C. Smith University, almost $195-million dollars were raised by both public works and philanthropic organizations. The Watauga Democrat reports that the initiative aims to remove barriers for opportunity, racially based inequities and raise new leaders in the private sector who come from minority groups. For more information on the Mayor's Racial Equity Initiative, you can go to

In national news, the debate rages on concerning the Texas State Abortion ban amongst US lawmakers at Capitol Hill. After three hours of debate on Monday, it seems the Supreme Court is open to the challenges brought up by abortion providers and the Biden Administration. According to NPR, the most compelling argument was how the new law broke presidents previously set by the Court and how it could affect other constitutional rights. This openness comes from a Court that has a Conservative supermajority at 6-3 Justices.

In world news, the Covid pandemic continues to claim more lives, as the total number of deaths has reached 5-million, as of November 1st. The majority of these deaths come from poorer populations, whose healthcare systems were either not equipped well enough to fight the disease or help such a large number of sick people. Despite this, many wealthy countries were also brought to their knees after Covid filled hospital beds across the world. The Associated Press reports that parts of Eastern Europe are taking the worst pandemic, primarily due to low vaccination rates.

Today’s weather comes to you from Boone winter is coming, as a low of around 32 degrees is expected to hit the high country, with a high getting up to around 52 degrees. Expect somewhat cloudy skies and a winds ranging from 5-15 miles per hour.

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