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AM News Break 10/27/21

By: Pruette Norris

Right here on campus, our weekly screening at the I. G. Greer Cinema hails from director Nia DaCosta and producer Jordan Peele: Candyman, the 2021 sequel to the classic 1994 slasher movie. Candyman is a wild, disturbing, bee-infested ride through one terrorized Chicago neighborhood, and is perfect for any of you scary movie fans looking for a trick-or-treating replacement this year. It may not be candy, man, but it is Candyman! Showtimes are at 7 and 9:30pm, tickets are $2 at the door.

In more local Halloween-y news, the Watauga Democrat reports that “Boone Boo!,” Boone’s annual outdoor Halloween bash is back on this year! The celebration will be held down King Street from 3-6pm this Sunday, October 31st, and will feature free candy, well-carved pumpkins, and a number of spooky inflatables, among other attractions. The event is free to all!

Nationally, we leave behind the streets and spirits of our little world and, instead, look to the stars! NPR reports that NASA shared tentative findings of a planet outside our galaxy, the Milky Way. The exoplanet, believed to be around the same size as Saturn, would be the first discovered outside of the Milky Way in history, and is another step towards learning about other worlds beyond our own. However, NASA says that we may not have confirmation of the planet’s existence for another few decades...the rate of the planet’s projected orbit would bring it around for our observation again in 60 to 70 years. Fortunately, I promise WASU will be right here to report it. Until then, it’s time for sports!

Lastly, our weather, courtesy, as always, of Boone Weather DOT COM. We’re looking at a slightly warmer day today, with a high of 62º and a low of 41, and partly cloudy weather, but bundle up, Mountaineers: this Halloween weekend’s looking like a chilly one!

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