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2/23/22 AM News Break

By: JC Belfi

In the Boone community, according to a staff report from The Watauga Democrat’s editor, Moss Brennan, the owners of Lost Province Brewing Company have bought The Coyote Kitchen from the previous owners and operators of the local vegetarian style restaurant. The prior owners, Ben and Jaime, started with Coyote Kitchen in 2003 and became owners in 2006. Now, 16 years later, the pair have decided that they want to pursue other adventures. After multiple meetings in restaurants and cafes, the owners of Coyote Kitchen decided that their business would continue to serve the public best if managed by Lost Province Brewing company. The transition is in the process, with plans to open April 1st.

In aerospace news, according to Akash Siram, from Reuters Business Report, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has started selling tickets for rides to the public, while improving its cash position, which was not expected. Tickets are starting at 450,000$ per person with an initial deposit of 150,000$. Virgin is producing more of its Delta class of spaceships so that the company can fly once a week. Virgin Galactica had a stock high of 57.51$ in the past year, but it has settled to just under 8$ this past week. Investors may see gains due to the flight scheduling.

In national news, according to Rebecca Klar from The Hill, the FBI has formed a cryptocurrency cybercrime task force that will assist the pre-existing National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team. Issues it will focus on include criminal misuse of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The Department of Justice has named the unit Virtual Asset Exploitation Unit, and it will be comprised of cryptocurrency experts to help provide analysis, support and training across the FBI. Prosecutors with a background in forfeiture, money laundering, cryptocurrency, and cybercrime have been included in this unit as well. The team is innovating its tools to stay ahead of threats to keyholder’s security across the blockchains. Now to your morning sports update.

For Boone, we can expect a high of 61, and a low of 43 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s raining this morning and it will continue until the early afternoon, stopping until the winds pick back up in the evening. Be prepared for fog at night.

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