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11/17/2022 AM News Break

By Reagan Wall

In local news, Watauga High School’s JROTC gets second in regional competition. On November 5th, 16 schools gathered at Catawba’s Fred T. Foard High School to participate in the event. The Watauga team placed first in the litter carry challenge and second in the physical fitness challenge. The litter carry challenge consists of carry a weight of a person through and obstacle course and the physical fitness challenge is essentially an obstacle course. They then placed second in the humvee challenge where the team pulls a truck to a designated area. According to The Watauga Democrat, the team did well enough to move onto the next round of the competition but they are a Marine Corps unit and the next event is for Army units. The team will continue training until their next competition in the Spring.

In state news, a woman from Gastonia has started her own nonprofit to help empower women of color. Charly Lindsey has been cultivating this idea for years but was never sure how to get it up and running. She would hold back to school drives with her sister to gather donations from the community and would create winter kits for the homeless. She launched Hope’s Helping hand in 2020 and recently opened a thrift shop last fall. Lindsey helps the people who come to her by providing financial assistance or letting them shop in her store for free. According to WRAL News, her main mission is to help women of color but helps anyone who asks for it. Right now she is searching for people who may be interested in hosting a family for Christmas.

In national news, the FDA gives its first sign off for a company selling lab-grown meat. Upside foods has created lab-grown meat by culturing animal cells to reduce the amount of animals killed for food. The FDA’s decision says that the food is safe to eat but it will still need to receive further approval before the public can consume their products. According to NBC News, this will have high implications for sustainable food production and the rapidly growing cultivated meat industry. The company is now working towards getting their final approvals from the the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Today’s weather is brought to you by Another very chilly day in the High Country with a high of 31 and a low of 21. A possible snow flurry in the morning with winds reaching speeds of 35 mph.


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