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1/26/22 AM News Break

By: Zachary Masters

On campus, one student organization couples entrepreneurship and sustainability by recycling plastic bottle caps. Appalachian State’s Enactus chapter, a global nonprofit organization with the goal to address sustainability concerns, hopes to use these bottle caps and recycle them into products that can be used by local businesses. According to The Appalachian, these products are anything that can be heated up to temperatures and placed into different molds to be turned into items such as coasters. The project is still in the early stages of development, with newly purchased machines being used to experiment and develop new items for sale.

In national news, children aged 12 to 17 may soon be able to become vaccinated without their parents consent if a new California bill is passed. According to The Associated Press, Democratic Senator Scott Wiener made the case that “children deserve the right to protect themselves” against the rising case numbers of Covid-19. Senator Wiener argued his position as California state law already allows people 12 and older to consent to the Hepatitis B vaccines and to treatments for sexually transmitted infections, substance abuse and mental health disorders. Opponents to the bill state that removing parents from the decision making process of getting vaccinated is a step in the wrong direction.

In world news, the US has major embargo plans if Russia continues to put military pressure on Eastern Ukraine. According to NPR, the embargo would stop all exports of electronics that are used in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, defense and aerospace production. The US is also working with allies to coordinate similar embargos that will put significant pressure on the Russian economy. However, experts have questioned limiting tech exports to Russia, stating that only withholding technologies to Russia will not be enough to deter further military actions.

Today's weather comes to you from Expect clear skies and temperatures ranging from 33 to 13 degrees, with winds reaching up to 15 miles per hour. Be sure to stay warm out there!

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