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1/25/22 PM News Break

By: Clyde Cohen

In local news, The Appalachian journals that a student-run club, Enactus, is working to satisfy the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Enactus is a global nonprofit and Appalachian State’s chapter was founded in 2018. The club’s primary project is labeled as “C6,” where they reutilize bottle caps, turning them into different products.

In United States news, The Wall Street Journal reports that the standardized test, the SAT, will be transitioning into a digital format. As the test is thought to have become archaic, this recreation will reduce its length, update its relevance, and make it available to be taken on personal devices within a testing facility or school hosting the exam. The change will begin to take place internationally in March 2023, and in the United States in March 2024.

In World News, The New York Times documents that an influx of snow has blanketed areas in Greece and Turkey. As these locations are accustomed to high temperatures in the summer, they are less equipped to accommodate this type of weather. On Monday, about 3,500 individuals were rescued from the icy roads of Athens, with around 1,200 cars remaining stranded.

Today’s weather update is brought to you by With a high of 33 and a low of 13 degrees, expect wind and sunny weather.

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