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03/09/2023 AM News Break

By Reagan Wall

In local news, Appalachian State’s SGA is suspended indefinitely after their legal troubles were causing mental health problems. Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, J.J Browns announced in a senate meeting on Tuesday that the elections will be suspended indefinitely. A potential lawsuit that listed numerous students and App State had a negative impact on many people’s mental health. Many students named hired private lawyers as a response to the lawsuit. According to The Appalachian, a mental health survey was sent out from a student leader in the Wellness and Prevention Center and it stated that more than 50% of SGA said the organization was severely impacting their mental health in a negative way. Browns wants the current members to reflect on this situation and try to find ways to better the organization.

In state news, Arkansas Senate gives the OK on a bathroom bill people are calling extreme. On Tuesday in the Arkansas legislature, a bill that would criminalize transgender people using bathrooms that match their gender identity received initial approval. This bill is just one of many flooding state senates nationwide. This year, a minimum of 155 bills targeting transgender people have been introduced. The only Republican to vote against the bill, Joshua Bryant, said this would be like charging someone with armed robbery if they carried a concealed handgun in a building where they are prohibited. According to WRAL News, similar laws have been brought up by Oklahoma, Alabama and Tennessee. Lawsuits have been filled challenging the restrictions in Tennessee and Oklahoma.

In national news, the world’s first 3D printed rocket is set to make its first flight. Developed by the California-based startup Relativity Space. The Terran 1 booster made its first flight yesterday. While 3D pretend parts have been on rockets in the past, the booster would be the first to be made almost entirely of 3D printed parts. This manufacturing process is meant to make the cost of building rockets cheaper which has been a growing competitive market in the last years. According to NBC News, the Booster will not be carrying anything and is just meant to see how it works when launched into low-Earth orbit. The rocket stands at roughly 110 feet tall and 85% is made from 3D printed materials with the mission being named, “Good Luck, Have Fun.”

Today's weather is brought to you by Another warm day here in Boone with a high of 56 and a low of 37.

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